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Tip to Improve Speed while connecting and Accessing Hotspot-based Mobile Internet

Sometimes brief information of something solves our problem in some extent. While reading this you might be thinking that what could be the information this post is talking about? So, the post is all about the tips to boost your slow internet which I always try in need.                                                   Photo Credits: Nibha Maria     Please do not think that you will really get fast but, this bit of information could be life saver in need. So, let me not bore you by writing more but come to the point. How can we improve signal and make slow internet fast? Actually the post is suitable for those who use their phone for internet through hotspot. I sometime use this whenever I do not have any other means of connectivity.   Let's begin For Android users Go in phone setting and then to system . Under system , go to About phone . There you will get the information about your phone's CPU, GPU, ram, version, model, status etc. Just go to status (phone number, signal e