23 Dec 2019

Picking Modem/dongle that Has External Antenna Port is a Great decision

Still now, many people buy usb modem because it is the simplest as well as inexpensive way to access internet on computer. People use this generally when they do not have any extra option or live in rural area. It is also the easiest medium to get internet wireless but getting good speed in rural area is difficult. 

23 Nov 2019

Choose Cree Led for the Best Tactical Flashlights| How I select carefully

Led Tactical is a high performance led flashlight torch generally used by law enforcement, soldiers etc.  In simple words, you may say it as a very bright light. Due to its brightness and powerful output, it became very popular and many are buying this product these days. It would be very useful and handy while going hunting, hiking or any outdoor night campaign. 

7 Nov 2019

amicivision Tactical Led Light five Times Brighter than ordinary Torch

If you are fed up with the performance of your ordinary torch or someday you want to buy a performance torch then this led torch of amicivision will be a great choice. I bought the amicivision led tactical flash light/torch a few months ago after I lost my ordinary torch in my village. I am happy now after buying this wonderful flash light and with its bright and rightful performance. Therefore, I thought to give a review of this led torch. Though I know that most of the people use their phone flash light instead of keeping extra led flash light torch but this is great when you go for hiking, picnic or at night.

Buy Now

At the time of purchasing, you get the following.One black torch, three Duracell AAA size battery, one battery holder for AAA size battery and one 18650-battery holder tube.

Let see, what are the things make it different from other ordinary torch.

1. Look wise- When you look it, you will fall in love with the gadget. This is very cool, attractive, and smaller than the size of palm. It is made of aluminum alloy with a smooth finish. It is something looks like a small but heavy gadget that you can keep along while hiking or outdoor activities.

2. It comes with zoom in and out features. Low, medium,high, sos and storbe(blinking) modes. These five functional modes comes together which you may not get in ordinary torch.

3. It has Cree xml T6 led which gives 2000 lm of flux. (lm stand for lumen that is total output light) It has cool white light. It is five times brighter than ordinary torch. Once I have tried while bike riding at night instead of bike head light. I was surprised with its performance.

4.You can either use AAA size battery with the battery holder or 18650-size 4.2 volt rechargeable lithium battery.

5. At last, its water resistant features add more value to the product.

How I use and recommend

I always go for night fishing and it helps me a lot. I use 18650 6800Ah 4.2V lion rechargeable battery instead of AAA battery. I use universal charger to recharge it. In this way i cut the cost on buying extra battery and I would recommend you the same. If you want longer back up then you should buy a battery with high Ah but volt should not more than 4.2 volt.


27 Jan 2016

Change or Modify Pitch/Note Low or High of Karaoke songs

Karaoke helps us a lost in practicing songs but sometimes we are unable to sing perfectly because of its extremely high note. Perhaps you too like and find your favourite karaoke tracks most of the time on Internet. If you too love to sing and find that your favourite songs and its karaoke have high pitch note and want to low to make it suitable for you then this post may help you in some way.

Let us see how but before this, I would recommend you to keep a back up of your song or karaoke so you may not feel like lost. You can change your karaoke song's pitch with the help of the software called Audacity, which is open source software, and free too use. Though there are many alternative to audacity and free software available in the Internet but I tried the audacity which I find myself more comfortable with it because it is very easy to use.

1. Back up of your songs and karaoke which you would like to change pitch
2. Download and Install Audacity for your windows

Changing pitch is easier than you think. Let us see how.
After installing the software just launch it and click on file>open to select your songs or karaoke which you like to change the pitch for. Now after choosing your file you are about ready to change the pitch and for this just click on Effect tab and then to change pitch that is it.

Again, you can not only set the note low but also modify or increase the label your scale as per your requirement. You can bring your song or karaoke's notes down or up by semi, half or more than that.

If you have songs and its original karaoke with the same scale then I would suggest you to bring your song also to the same pitch because when you will have a song and karaoke with the same pitch then it will great to have better practicing. After changing go to file>Export Audio and save it wherever you like. So, enjoy singing and practicing.

9 Oct 2015

Top up Mobile through Corporation debit Card at ATM Cashpoint

Do you know that now Corporation bank has made easier for their cardholder customer to avail the mobile top up at their bank's ATM any time or anywhere? Yes, if you are a corporation bank's customer then it is for you. You can recharge your prepaid phone at your ATM cashpoint whenever you want. In addition, there is no extra registration procedure required. There are two simple ways, which are easy and helpful for everyone. Let us start one by one.

Recharge via card at ATM Machine

1. Insert your card
2. Insert your pin code
3. Now chose the option Mobile top up/others from the menu
4. Now put Mobile number that you want to top up
5. Put amount and then press submit.

At last, you must check your phone balance. However, you would get the confirmation msg also.

The next simple way is recharge via sms

This sms service enables you to recharge your prepaid number at anywhere and any time in India. The best part of the service is getting the recharge even if you are on the way or traveling. It means you do not have to go anywhere. It is indeed a great help in case of balance shortage.

To avail the service, you need to register your mobile at ATM cashpoint, which is one time registration. Other available option of registration is to fill and application form,  which you can submit at your home branch. After registeration, you will get the confirmation sms along with recharging access code and the format that will show how can you have the recharge.

To recharge you need to send sms to your mobile operator with the amount you want and your personal access code according to the format, which will be given to you.

How it works
As you send the msg to mobile operator, the sms goes to your bank for authorization and your bank debit your account with the amount that you opt for. As soon as the debiting of account done, you will get recharge from the operator with confirmation sms.

You can recharge any prepaid number and the limitation of recharge is Rs.10 to 10000.


12 Jun 2015

Top up Possibilities for Prepaid Mobile

Most people go to vendor or shops to top up their mobiles. Obviously for the two options, which are voucher and easy recharge because these are the most common and known by everyone. However, sometimes you may have in the situation when shop is closed or balance ends at late night or perhaps any could be the reasons. Therefore, the best option to tackle the problem is, to have the information of all the possibilities to top up your phone, which will make your life more comfortable.

Again, there are different ways of recharging your hand phone but it fully depends on you that how could you manage and use these ideas in your life. So, let us start.

1. Top up your hand phone via ATM Machine.
Bank facilitates their cardholders with many services at ATM cash point to get not only the facility of withdrawing money but also to refills their prepaid phones and this really makes our life comfortable. It is very simple and there is no required of registration to avail this. Whenever you need recharge, just go to your bank's ATM and insert your card(usually as you do for withdrawing money) then go to the option mobile top up and follow the other displayed instructions like putting your phone number and amount detail and that's it. In no time the balance will be credited and you will also get confirmation sms.

2. Recharge Online-The other option which would help you is 'Online'. Yes, you could go to your network provider's official website, then choose online recharge through their process and get your work done. Besides this, there are so many good and authentic websites available on the net for instance paytm.com, monkey.in, rechargeseva.com etc that opt you top up facility. The online procedure with these webs is very simple that starts with registration and after that you need to put your number which you want to top up and pay by your debit or credit cards or net banking. Other than talk time you could also recharge your dis TV, bills etc and also get other facilities such as scheduled and missed call recharge etc.

3. Top-up voucher-The voucher top up is common and known by all. You just have to put the codes on phone as printed on the coupon and that's it. While traveling it is a great to carry some extra vouchers with you which could help you in time of emergency.

4. Talk time Loan-Today almost all leading telecom companies like Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance, Aircel, Idea, Tata Docomo etc have started the talk time loan facility for their users in time of emergency. Talk time loan is a loan which you can take from your operator in times on need. It provides great help obviously when there is no any other medium. You could take Rs. 5, 10, or 25 as  loan according to your service provider's terms & conditions. For example one of the conditions is one can avail the facility when he/she will be the active user for at least 3 months or whatever as per your operator. Company takes back the given amount along with some interests by deducting your balance whenever you recharge next. So, let us see some of the briefs.

Airtel- Airtel customers can dial *141*10# and press the call button and follow the rest instruction to get Rs. 10.  However, you can also dial *141# that will give the option to take advance talk time and other important options also like 'Auto credit', 'Gift Pack', 'Share Talk time', 'Happy hours' and many more.

Aircel-To get Aircel talk time loan of Rs. 10 you have to dial *414#.

Idea-Type *150*10# and hit your call button to get airtime of Rs. 10.

Vodafone-To avail this, you have to sms CREDIT and send it to 144. You will get Rs. 5 as a loan but under some terms & conditions. Therefore, to know more about its conditions you have to dial 1241.

Tata Docomo- Sms LOAN and send to its toll free no which is 369 and you are all done.

5. Balance share or transfer in between the same network-
Generally this facility is available on all service operator for prepaid customer and this could be said as the real life saver in times of need. Let see how?

Voda to Vaoda- If you are Vodafone customer and want to share balance to other Vodafone number then dial *131*Amount*Mobile No#. The sharing balance limit is minimum Rs. 5 and maximum is Rs.30. Charges for transferable amount Rs. 5 to 9, Rs. 10 to 24 and Rs. 25 to 30 are Re.1 Rs. 2 and Rs. 3 respectively. You could also dial *130# to request or transfer balance.
Note-If you are a new user then this may not work for you. Voda provides the service to those who have completed at 30 days.

Airtel to Airtel-You can transfer an amount of Rs 5 to Rs. 31 and from Rs. 51 to 101 as per your requirement. For this dial *141# and then you will be taken to next menu. Choose the right option in the menu and proceed as the instruction guides you. Chargeable amounts are Rs. 2 to 4 for Rs. 5 to 31.
Note-To avail this, one has to be in Airtel network for at least 90 days(3months).

Aircel to Aircel-Its users have to dial *121*666#. As you dial, the next menu will pop-up and ask you to choose the balance you want to transfer. Just put the number and confirm the rest instruction and you will have it what you want. Again note it carefully that the facility is for the Aircel prepaid customer only who is using aircel for at least 3 months. In addition, extra amount would be taken as service charge are Rs 1, 2, 4, 8, 10, 12 for Rs. 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100 respectively. For more dial the above number or talk to customer care.

Uninor to Uninor- Just press *202*Number*Amount and then # and hit your call button. For instance *202*9870980000*10# and you are done.

Idea-To transfer you have to dial *567*Mobile No*Amount#.
Note- you and your receiver needs to be its user for at least 90 days.

Tata Docomo-Just sms BT<space>Mobile No to 54321 and your prepaid card will be credited with Rs. 5


4 Jun 2015

Bank Loyalty & Reward Programs for Credit & Debit Cardholders

Bank loyalty program is a designed to reward their valuable customers who have credit and debit cards. When customer use the cards for buying any products and services like online shopping, purchasing or bookings at merchants outlets then they get reward points every time from their bank and some time from the merchants also.

Today these types of initiative program attracts more customers and encourage them to partly involve and increase use of card, and almost all the banks has launched this program. Some banks say that the program is a just way to say thanks because their customers are valuable and special and participating in the program is beneficial for the customers.

About points/Bonus

As I said above that, you earn point whenever you make payment through cards. Generally you would earn 1 point(that is equal to Rs. 0.25) whenever you spend Rs. 100 on using debit card and 2 points on using credit card or perhaps it may vary from bank to bank. And later on the collected points/bonus can be redeemed anytime against different services and products like electronics, home appliances, jewellery, mobile/DTH recharge, Air tickets and many more from bank's partnered merchants/outlets. However to make this simple, some banks have collaborated with the outlet website, which is www.maxgetmore.com. This is the website, which brings the entire partnered merchants in one roof so you do not become lost. To start and know more you should also read the terms & conditions so to make yourself clear about points and validity of points as per your bank.

How to be a part of it?

According to banks, anyone can avail the service who is 18 and above and has debit or credit cards. Perhaps some banks offer this service for their credit cardholder only for eg. Canara & Kotak Mahindra Bank. So for more you should consult your bank.

If you are a bank customer then you are already enter in the program automatically and became its member. It means you do not have to go through extra registration process. Nevertheless, to enable and get its' benefits like redeeming point or bonus you have to activate your account through activation process. to activate the account you can go to your bank's official website or you can consult your branch office. While registration at official web, you just have to put your card number and generate your password or whatever according to your bank's requirement. After registration, you can also check and redeem your earned points whenever you want.

Bank Loyalty programs with their name.
These are the list of banks, which have launched the loyalty program for their customers.

           Program Name                                                  Bank

1. Canara Rewardz                                                  Canara Bank
2. PNB Rewardz                                                      Punjab National Bank
3. Corp Rewardz                                                      Corporation Bank
4. BOI Star Rewardz                                                BOI
5. eDGE Loyalty Program                                       Axis Bank
6. IOB Rewardz                                                       IOB
7. Freedom Rewardz                                                SBI
8. Anmol Rewardz                                                   Central Bank of India
9. UCO Bank Rewardz                                            UCO Bank
10. Utsav Rewardz                                                   Federal Bank
11. Union Rewardz                                                  Union Bank
12. My Rewardz                                                      HDFC
13. Anmol Rewardz                                                 KVB
14. Yes Rewardz                                                      Yes Bank
15. HSBC Rewardz Program                                   HSBC


14 May 2015

Mobile Recharge via Missed Call Through munkey.in & rechargeseva.com

Today mobile has become a crucial part of our life. And without it our life would not go smooth. With it, we can do a lot of tasks with ease. Well, I am not here to tell about it because everyone knows its uses and importance. Here I would like to tell the unique way of mobile recharge that you can go for.

There are different networks services which people use today to stay connected with their offices, friends, relatives etc. Whether you belonged or use any operator services you must have the balance in mobile, whether prepaid or post-paid to avail the services. There are numerous ways of recharging your prepaid phone in which missed call recharge is one of the best and easiest options you can try. It will save your time and energy too.

It is a service through which you could top up your mobile at any time just by giving missed call. It's great when suddenly your balance goes zero or while traveling. And also you do not have to log in and put your car's detail every time.

Let see how?
Rechargeseva.com-Besides other services like online prepaid, postpaid recharge, DTH, Gas bill payment etc. It gives a unique facility of missed call recharge to any number for its registered users. The process is very simple. Just go to the website and get registered just by entering your name, email ID, your mobile no and creating password. After you can set any number with amount that you want. At last, fill your m wallet with extra balance and all you are set to avail the service at any time.

Now whenever you want to get a balance in your phone, just place a missed call to its toll free no which is 1800 200 3644 and you will get your top up which you have set.

 Munkey.in - It is another website which gives the same service. The registration process is same like the above web. You have to verify your mobile number through the code that the site will send you. After verified you can liable to use its services. Load enough cash to you account and set your recharge details and you are ready. For recharge give missed call to 08826887555 from the number you have set and that's it. Other than this facility it also gives schedule recharge facility.
For more details visit the websites.


9 Dec 2014

What are the Main basic Factors of Bounce rates & How to Reduce

This is a simple question which you need to ask yourself and need to understand if you are a blogger that what a bounce rate is all about? Is it good or bad? And how to low/reduce it?

But before proceeding, let us understand first that what a bounce rate is all about? Bounce rate is a word used to analyze web traffic. With the bounce rate we can analyze or determine the performance of the visitors. It is the percentage of the visitors that leave your website after the first visit(interest of  the website viewer or visitors of your website)

Low bounce rate means the visitors show interest and hopefully visit your another page also besides the landing page. In another sentence, you are safe.

High bounce rate means the visitors leave your website after the first visit. For instance visitors come to your website but do not go to other pages except the landing page through which they came and leave the website.

Every bloggers wants that their users may come and read a lot of posts. But sometimes users just come and visit a single page and leave the website without continuing. And this something which makes you worry and sad.

So, should we worry about bounce rate? Let's also see what are the basic factors behind this.
Actually bounce rate acts on different factors and
The main 5 basic factors are-

1. Poor web design.
People really like an attracting and professional design. If the website design is not an attractive one and easy navigable then the visitors will have a bad experience and they could leave your website.

2. Website slow time load
It is another most important factor which leads you to high bounce rate. Today in this fast life every one wants fast navigable website. If your website pages take a lot of time to upload then again the visitors will have irritable and bad experience and they could leave rather that continuing.

3. Not having Enthusiastic & clear cut writing 
Do not beat around the bush. Provide clear cut, nice and useful information with an enthusiastic manner. But sometimes the users also could leave the site if they get what they are searching for and do not feel to go another page and this also considered a bounce rate.

4. Absence of interlinking post
Interlinking post can also reduce the bounce rate. Give your reader deep information by interlinking your different post of the website. For instance you have a post on how to connect phone to pc for internet and you get most of your traffic from this post then if you may write another post on internet or related internet like 'How to get fast internet and interlink those post. So, there will be a chance to visiting that page and this prevents your bounce rates. This is only and idea which somehow can low your bounce rate.

5. Less contents or posts
This is also a reason which you need to sort out by regular updating new posts or contents. If your website does not have enough contents or posts then it's very hard to make user sticky to your site and it also leads to high bounce rate.

You can reduce it if you want
Now when you get some basic ideas about some factors behind the bounce rate, you would definitely think that how to reduce it. Often new bloggers come in this blogging field to give a chance. But it is not as easy as you think. They forget that it takes a lot of patience, experiment on various aspects to slow down your bounce rate. And this comes when you really work hard to overcome.

So again. how to write a blog which readers want to read. In my perception the blog or website depends on us because nobody will come to help you or make a successful blog for you. It's only you who can change it. And the winners are those who really put efforts to make it a successful blog. It depends on you that what you write which people will love reading your contents and visit again and aging after their first visit. Whether you write a personal blog or tech blog or business blog or entertainment blog. Your post should put impacts on readers. We should not compete with others but find or discover other ways, if we want to stand out and this will happen when you give time to your blog.

20 Jan 2013

How to Write for your Audience & drive traffic to Blog & Reduce bounce Rates

We all want to increase our blog or website traffic and we obviously do a lot of stuffs like tweaking, putting back links, posting new posts, face-book plug-in and many more for increasing traffic. But besides all these, there is one more way to get more audience or give them more chance to click on your another post to read by knowing your audience. This is an effective way which I experienced after a couple of months when I started to implement on my orihec blog .Suppose you have an exam and you get the questions paper or know the exact questions before your exam which are coming in your examination. Would you not bring the highest marks in the examination? This is something like the same.

If you are a blogger then you might have the idea that how difficult is to get organic traffic to your blog and if you are a new in this field or do not have inche blog then you have to work very hard for getting more audience. But, if you know your readers you will write a post which they like to visit and you can drive more traffic to your blog and you will have more readers.

Now if you really put your target and work accordingly then surely you will have less tendency of bouncing rates also. Suppose you have a post on "Connecting uninor to pc for internet via bluetooth" and getting a lot of organic traffic from major search engine like google, bing etc. Now if you analyze your readers then you will find that audience may interested in the topic related internet or uninor and if you write your further post regarding internet like "How to increase your internet speed while connection through bluetooth" which I have on my blog then you will have more chance of getting your post read by the audience who come to your blog through the above post because the above post is all about connecting internet so they may be interested in how to increase internet speed also. Isn't it simple way of writing?

So, keep analyzing and write another post to get more and more readers and reduce your bouncing rates.


24 Jul 2012

How to Point your blogger to domain with domainz.in

I welcome you all here who want to setup their custom domain for blogger blog. If you have purchased a domain name from domainz.in and want to point your blogger blog to your custom domain through domainz.in, then this post will help you.

Google blogger blog is a free and famous blogging platform which lets you to create a free blog and google hosts your blog free on blogspot that is why your blog address or url is like blogname.blogspot.com. Now when you setup your custom domain for blogger then your blog address will be changed according to you custom domain or extension name for instance www.orihec.org. and you can continue your blogging through blogger as you do always.

Domain setup
Now let's begin the process of  setting up domain name through domainz.in. Login to your cpanel and go in Advanced DNS Zone Editor.

As you enter the advanced dns zone editor, you will find three options on the page, Reset Zone file, Add a Record and Zone File Records. Just head toward Zone file record.

 Here you have to create domain CNAME record. Go to you domain name and click on edit. Now when you click on edit you will get four options to fill as you can see on pic above.
Put you domain name with www. on name option as shown example on the pic
TTL: 14400
CNAME: ghs.google.com and click on edit record button.

Now you have to create four different A records types. Just look for your domain (without www.) which is in A type to add A records as you can see on pic below. Click on edit and put
Name: your domain name(without www.)
TTL: 14400
Type: A and
Address: and edit it. In this way you have to add three more different A records.

You may find only one option here for editing A record that is why you have to add those other three A records through Add record option(see the pic below) which you will find just above the Zone file records. Just fill the same name, TTL and Type as you created the first one for A records only the Address will be changed that is and again, add another two A records with the same process with the Address: and and you are done. Wait for half an hour to one hour after finishing all these process before moving to blogger blog for final step.

Final Step
Go to your blogger blog in basic setting and click on 'Add a custom domain', which you will get under publishing blog option. Click on 'Switch on advanced setting' and type your custom domain name and save it. Hope you have liked this and understood the process very well. If you find any difficult in implementing this then you can ask your queries through comment box. 


22 Jun 2012

Get your Lovely Flipbook/photos album Free Here and more

Memories like kaleidoscopes keep on running and changing, producing uncountable images. Some of which we remember while others we tend to forget. In the same way there are lots of unforgettable memories or moments which we try to keep with us by capturing the moment in camera and making a photo album. Some times we also share our wonderful moment by showing our photos to others. Now, if you also want to keep your memories alive and make a photo album in different ways then I must say you to visit this great website once which is called zoomin.com It is an online photo studio service which will help you in giving a creative look to your photo album. It is such a good and genuine Indian website, that it has gained a lot of popularity among many people in a short period of time. Besides flipbook(photo story book or else photo album), it has many services which you may like. So, let's see in details.


Flipbook or you can say your photo book which depicts the memories or story through pictures. When you go to this website then you will find many options and previously given sample so as to help you creating your own flip-book (photo album or your story book) like this in a creative way. You just have to upload your photos and its great tools which give you service of making your own story book according to your choice. You can also share your photos and get print out and delivered within a week at your doorstep.

Coffee Mug
Now if you want a mug to get printed then your destination ends here. You can select mug according to you choice and get printed your pictures on it and delivered soon. What I think it also can be a lovely gift that you can present to your families, friend or dear one.

Besides Mug and flipbook, there are many products like magnet, posters, greeting card, frames, calendar etc. which are just wonderful and available in affordable price. Like flipbook, you can have your own printed photo on calendar, posters and geeting cards with different themes and your own messages.

This website always take out new offers and discounts time to time to give their customers a various option to avail the services. For instance, when you join the website by simple registration then you will will get a free flipbook for the first time. Only you have to pay the deliver charge. I also got my first flipbook four months before and it's really cool. For more information you can go to website and check about its offers and many more. The website add is www.zoomin.com


15 May 2012

Uploading & Downloading Speed of Nokia Lumia 800 and other Phones/Handsets

Now gone are the days when mobile was used only for communication. Now many mobiles come with multi-features and functions which are very useful and handy. It can't be denied when we say it is something like a small computer which we can carry along with us anytime and do a lot of tasks other than only communication. Among many features let's talk one of its internet browsing features. Internet browsing is common now and we can find this feature in almost all gprs handsets.Now it is in great demand in the market and people also want to but the mobile which has this feature.

We can do internet on gprs handsets but when we talk about fast internet then one thing comes in mind, that is 3G mobile. Now almost every body is aware of 3G because of its speed. But you must also know that all 3G mobiles do not provide or support same speed. So, if you are planning to buy a mobile which is capable of providing high speed internet then there you will need a 3G mobile which is capable of high speed. In other sentence let's say you will need a mobile which supports HSPA or HSPA+ network which gives you a high speed internet than the earlier 3G mobiles. It you want to know that what is HSPA and HSPA+ then you can read my previous post, ideas for choosing your fast wireless internet usb modem.

Again, If you really want a mobile with a high speed internet then you should not just take any 3G mobile but should check its specification carefully at the time of purchasing and choose the mobile which supports high speed. Here I am giving a list of some mobiles which support high speed internet with downloading and uploading speed and available in India with the following price tag.

Note-Price may be different from state to state.

Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000)
Downloading Speed- 21Mbps
Uploading Speed- 5.76Mbps
Price- Rs 33,600

Samsung Galaxy S II
Downloading Speed- 21Mbps
Uploading Speed- 5.76Mbps
Price- Rs 28,790

Samsung S Plus(GT-19001)
Downloading Speed- 21Mbps
Uploading Speed- 5.76Mbps
Price- Rs 19,190

Samsung Omina W (GT-18350)
Downloading Speed- 14.4Mbps
Uploading Speed- 5.76Mbps
Price- Rs 15, 660

Samsung Galaxy Pro (GT-B7510)
Downloading Speed- 7.2Mbps
Uploading Speed- 2.0Mbps
Price- Rs 10,199

Sony Ericsson
Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S (LTl8i, LTl8a)
Downloading Speed- 14.4Mbps
Uploading Speed- 5.8Mbps
Price- Rs 26,249

Sony Ericsson Xperia Sola
Downloading Speed-14.4Mbps
Uploading Speed- 5.6Mbps
Price- Rs 20,000

Sony Ericsson Xperia S
Downloading Speed- 14.4Mbps
Uploading Speed- 5.76Mbps
Price- Rs 30,000

Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman
Downloading Speed- 7.2Mbps
Uploading Speed- 5.76Mbps
Price- Rs 13,000

Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro
Downloading Speed- 7.2Mbps
Uploading Speed- 5.8Mbps
Price- Rs 18, 990

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc
Downloading Speed- 7.2Mbps
Uploading Speed- 5.8Mbps
Price- Rs 22,245

LG Optimus Black P970
Downloading Speed- 7.2Mbps
Uploading Speed- 5.7Mbps
Price- Rs 17, 990

LG Optimus 3D P920
Downloading Speed- 14.4Mbps
Uploading Speed- 5.7Mbps
Price- Rs 36,000

 LG Optimus Sol E730
Downloading Speed- 7.2Mbps
Uploading Speed- 2.8Mbps
Price- Rs 16,290

LG Optimus Net Dual (P698)
Downloading Speed- 7.2Mbps
Uploading Speed-5.7Mbps
Price- Rs 10,000

Motorola ATRIX 2
Downloading Speed- 21Mbps
Uploading Speed- 5.76Mbps
Price- Rs 21,999

Motorola Fire XT
Downloading Speed- 7.2Mbps
Uploading Speed-384Kbps
Price- Rs 12,500

 Motorola DEFY
Downloading Speed- 7.2Mbps
Uploading Speed- 2.0Mbps
Price- Rs 13,200

Motorola DEFY+
Downloading Speed- 7.2Mbps
Uploading Speed- 2Mbps
Price- Rs 17,000

Motorola Milestone XT720
Downloading Speed- 10.2Mbps
Uploading Speed- 5.76Mbps
Price- Rs 22,800

Downloading Speed- 21Mbps
Uploading Speed- 5.76Mbps
Price- Rs 37,500

HTC Sensational XL
Downloading Speed- 14.4Mbps
Uploading Speed- 5.76Mbps
Price- Rs 37,000

HTC Explorer
Downloading Speed- 14.4Mbps
Uploading Speed- 5.76Mbps
Price- Rs 10,000

HTC Rhyme
Downloading Speed- 14.4Mbps
Uploading Speed- 5.76Mbps
Price- Rs 26,500

HTC Sensation XE
Downloading Speed- 14.4Mbps
Uploading Speed- 5.76Mbps
Price- Rs 32,590

HTC Radar
Downloading Speed- 14.4Mbps
Uploading Speed- 5.76Mbps
Price- Rs 23,900

Downloading Speed- 14.4Mbps
Uploading Speed- 5.76Mbps
Price- Rs 34,500

HTC ChaCha
Downloading Speed- 7.2Mbps
Uploading Speed- 384Kbps
Price- Rs 14,899

HTC Wildfire S
Downloading Speed- 7.2Mbps
Uploading Speed- 384Kbps
Price- Rs 13,599

Nokia Lumia 800
Downloading Speed- 14.4Mbps
Uploading Speed- 5.76Mbps
Price- Rs 22,999

Nokia 701
Downloading Speed- 14.4Mbps
Uploading Speed- 5.76Mbps
Price- Rs 16,990

Nokia 500
Downloading Speed- 14.4Mbps
Uploading Speed- 5.76Mbps
Price- Rs 9,300

Nokia X3-02
Downloading Speed- 10.2Mbps
Uploading Speed- 2.0Mbps
Price- Rs 8,000

Nokia C3-01
Downloading Speed- 10.2Mbps
Uploading Speed- 2.0Mbps
Price- Rs 7,690

Nokia 303
Downloading Speed- 14.4Mbps
Uploading Speed- 5.76Mbps
Price- Rs 7,580

Nokia Asha 302
Downloading Speed- 14.4Mbps
Uploading Speed- 5.76Mbps
Price- Rs 6,290

Micromax A85
Downloading Speed- 14.4Mbps
Uploading Speed- 5.76Mbps
Price- Rs 12,899

Micromax A75
Downloading Speed- 7.2Mbps
Uploading Speed- 5.76Mbps
Price- Rs 8,000

Micromax A78
Downloading Speed- 7.2Mbps
Uploading Speed- 5.76Mbps
Price- Rs 7,190

Micromax Bling2
Downloading Speed-7.2Mbps
Uploading Speed- 5.76Mbps
Price- Rs 6,190

Micromax A50 Ninja
Downloading Speed- 7.2Mbps
Uploading Speed- 5.76Mbps
Price- Rs 5,000