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Bank Loyalty & Reward Programs for Credit & Debit Cardholders

Bank loyalty program is a designed to reward their valuable customers who have credit and debit cards. When customer use the cards for buying any products and services like online shopping, purchasing or bookings at merchants outlets then they get reward points every time from their bank and some time from the merchants also. Today these types of initiative program attracts more customers and encourage them to partly involve and increase use of card, and almost all the banks has launched this program. Some banks say that the program is a just way to say thanks because their customers are valuable and special and participating in the program is beneficial for the customers. About points/Bonus As I said above that, you earn point whenever you make payment through cards. Generally you would earn 1 point(that is equal to Rs. 0.25) whenever you spend Rs. 100 on using debit card and 2 points on using credit card or perhaps it may vary from bank to bank. And later on the collected p