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amicivision Tactical Led Light five Times Brighter than ordinary Torch

If you are fed up with the performance of your ordinary torch or someday you want to buy a performance torch then this led torch of amicivision will be a great choice. I bought the amicivision led tactical flash light/torch a few months ago after I lost my ordinary torch in my village. I am happy now after buying this wonderful flash light and with its bright and rightful performance . Therefore, I thought to give a review of this led torch . Though I know that most of the people use their phone flash light instead of keeping extra led flash light torch but this is great when you go for hiking, picnic or at night.   At the time of purchasing, you get the following .   One black torch, three Duracell AAA size battery, one battery holder for AAA size battery and one 18650-battery holder tube.   Let see, what are the things make it different from other ordinary torch.     1.Look wise- When you look it, you will fall in love with the gadget. This is ver