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Technologies LTE (CA), CDN and MIMO you ought to Know for improving internet Speed

Oh! You too have slow connection? Then how do you feel while getting poor speed? I may perhaps guess the answer. You feel bored. You feel irritate. You feel headache. Sorry it was a joke.                                                            Image credits Nibha Maria The answer is simple. Those who have poor connection could know the feeling of getting slow network. And the real headache comes when our lot of precious time is eaten up by slow internet. Internet is useful. We know how it changed the world.  Users use it for different purposes like surfing and gathering information, doing online classes, e-commerce, digital marketing, streaming videos etc. The purposes may be different but the wants of fast internet is priority for everyone. What is the purpose of writing this piece of post? Well! I always read about the new tech related books and information. And I sometimes think to convey my ideas, opinion, and tips through my blog post so as to give some a useful reason to read