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Successful Blog needs Hard work, Creativity and Efforts

Writing a blog is common now and a lot of new comers try their what your call a "luck" in the field of blogging. But how many of us succeed in writing a successful blog, only a few. Writing a successful blog depends on our hard work,  a lot of researches, effort etc. We could see the examples of some bloggers who started and became a famous blogger. Did they do it overnight? Usually the answer will be, No. Generally who are new in blogging world do not make every endeavor and soon fails. They feel bitterly disappointed at the result. They may say that the opportunities of success is very low because there are lot of competition in this field. Their saying may be valid but remember one important thing that we will succeed if we believe only that we can. Market and people always welcome new ideas. If we creatively create new, unique, and fresh ideas then success will come to us. There are thousand of topics in which we can write and beat others even with the same topics or n