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Awesome Mozilla feature not to be tracked by Website

Do you know that you can enable 'I do not want to be tracked by websites' feature of Mozilla firefox web browser. If you do not want to be tracked by website then this 'I do not want to be tracked' feature or setting is one of the best option for you that Mozilla firefox provides. Many websites track your web browsing behaviors or activities generally for business or advertising purpose. They track your browsing activities even what you like, dislike, online purchasing, what you visit, which ads you the most and so on so as to provide or show you their products, ads or services according to you need or interests. Some times, they also track and sell or share your information including your login address to other advertisers or advertising companies. But do not worry, Mozilla firefox has also given the setting through which you can stop tracking and keep your browsing privacy with you. More over it does not affect any of your browsing experience. However, only less ad