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How to Put/add Tab using Html code to Your Blogger, Ideas

Many bloggers love writing on many topics or might have different blog-posts under different topics or categories. So it is hoped that this post will help those who want to add tabs to their blogger blog as you see on my blog. How to add tabs to the blog Let's go step by step and follow the tips and ideas for adding tabs for the blogger blog. At first you have to give the level name to each of your posts. For instance, you have five blog post on mobile. You can label them 'mobile' or whatever you like. Secondly after giving labels to all your posts, you need to publish them. Now go to add a gadget to add HTML/ java scripts. Under HTML/ java scripts you have to type this HTML code or you may just copy and paste it the code there which is given below: <ul> <li><a href="">tab E</a></li> <li><a href="">tab F</a></li> </ul> Thirdly view your