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Front to Back Ratio: [Definition, Examples + Role] in Directional Antenna by Nourishing Tech Appetite

This is a related post of “ How to choose the best antenna for airtel jio etc”. You can read it if you wish and then you can come to this current post which is the second part but it is specially focused on directional antenna.    The main objective of the post is to provide you more ideas on directional antenna like how greater front to back ratio(F/B) impacts on the performance in antenna, its definition and the simple ways to check this ratio to evaluate the performance.   Here we have used Question and Answer session to grasp more ideas on the topics. So, let’s begin. Q- What is front to back ratio of Directional Antenna? Ans-Directional antenna is designed to radiate most of its power from main/front lobe to forward direction rather than rear direction to get most of the signal from front direction. It is designed in such a way to get signal from a specific direction, it means you can use it to optimize signal from specific directions according to your choice.  The ratio in betwe