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Pinpointing your Connected mobile Cell Tower site: How Can it be? Possibilities and Realities

This piece of writing is the part of my previous post where I discussed about external antenna, its importance, choosing guide for some specific networks whcih you can check it out and the process to face your antenna towards the direction of your network tower for good internet etc. But with this current post I discussed about the problem we face in real world scenario to spot the precise location of tower.       I started with the incident which inspired me to write this post. I still remember the day when I went to my nephew’s village for the grand opening a new shop. The village was very far away for the town, about 35 miles.  Establishing an internet for the shop was necessary but there is no other way to connect but only mobile hotspot.  Unfortunately the network was too slow in my area, so we made a plan to install a directional antenna and a booster. For this we needed to know the location of a tower. We downloaded various cell finding app on android mobile (currently not reme