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A complete breakthrough: What is Baseband shows in android mobiles and its duty

Have you ever wondered that what is baseband version in your phone all about? Those who do not know that where this is located, can go to setting and then type about phone in the setting search box or type it directly. There you would find it. Hope you got right?     Now the question is, what is it? What is its duty/role in phone? What are its characteristic, function and what it can do? Everything I will discuss through this post so, stay tuned. The term baseband version that you find in your mobile by going in setting, is written in some letters and numbers. It is a firmware version or you can say it as software which is responsible for your device wireless communication.  It means, it takes control of wireless communication to establish a connection between a cell tower and a device to perform different tasks like calling, video calling, messaging, data and other wireless activity etc.   Let’s get in to it to grasp deep knowledge of the topic. If we talk about the connectivity betwe