Tip to Improve Speed while connecting and Accessing Hotspot-based Mobile Internet

Sometimes brief information of something solves our problem in some extent. While reading this you might be thinking that what could be the information this post is talking about? So, the post is all about the tips to boost your slow internet which I always try in need.

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Please do not think that you will really get fast but, this bit of information could be life saver in need. So, let me not bore you by writing more but come to the point.

How can we improve signal and make slow internet fast?

Actually the post is suitable for those who use their phone for internet through hotspot. I sometime use this whenever I do not have any other means of connectivity.


Let's begin

For Android users

Go in phone setting and then to system.

Under system, go to About phone. There you will get the information about your phone's CPU, GPU, ram, version, model, status etc.

Just go to status(phone number, signal etc.) Now find sim status and click.

There you will find signal strength for eg- -104dBm 36 asu

You can directly go to sim status by typing in  setting search bar also.



Now the Trick starts

The term dBm and asu you see here is the signal value that your phone is getting from the cell tower. As you can see it frequently changes and according to the strength value your phone gives the internet speed. Now move around along with phone and check the value it gets. You would notice the value changes as you move. Isn't it? So, what you have to do is to monitor the dBm value which you get in negative(-) value. 

Note: The more you get value closer to '0',  the more you will get good signal as well as enhanced internet connection.


 -120 dBm(almost no internet)

 -100dBm to -115 dBm(weakest signal or internet)

-90 to -99 dBm( you can browse and do little light work like surfing and online shopping etc.  This is bit faster than above but the weak in my opinion)


The above examples are just for guiding you that how the signal improves when getting closer to '0'.

Again, what you have to do is just search the place where you get good signal that is closer to '0' by monitoring the value.(Use the phone as signal monitoring gadget) Check every possible place wherever you can. When you find the right place with the best signal, just keep your phone there and connect internet via hotspot. Before execute this tip do charge your phone that's it.

Did you enjoy?



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