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Complete guide to Select an External antenna for Jio, Airtel And Bsnl

Today many people in India use the above networks for internet. Some are using fiber optic and others are using wifi but those who are not using any of these medium or do not have these options then buying an external antenna can help in boosting internet speed in some aspects.   So, if you are deciding to take one then I must say that selecting a right one is not hard however you need some basic knowledge and information.   I have seen that many people randomly select any external antenna thinking that his or her internet speed will be increased but the problem get more worse than before.Therefore, I have made this guide and tried to explain in a step by step process for buying an external antenna for jio, airtel and Bsnl.   So, without wasting a time let’s see    Steps 1 to 3 to take a perfect antenna as per your network.   Step 1. Know your carrier’s frequency band   It is right that antenna plays an important role and can improve our network reception but different an