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Keeping Gmail more Safe & Secure with Http settings tips help

       I some time require to open my gmail account in a public place like cyber cafe, Wifi network or hotel etc., so as to check my important office mail or others but do not know 'how safe is to open' in those such places. This was one of my friend's queries and perhaps might be yours. We all know that how gmail is very much useful, especially for those who want to stay connected with their office, friends, families or others. Let us discuss about some of the risks that can be happened and about its solution to keep your gmail better and safe. Using 'HTTP' setting is the best option to keep  We use gmail account for so many different activities like joining, subscribing, online shopping or purchasing and many more. Some of us even keep our personal data like bank account details, official files and many other data, which are more private. Therefore, it is very much necessary to keep our data safe and secure from unauthorized person. As we know, public network