Technologies LTE (CA), CDN and MIMO you ought to Know for improving internet Speed

Oh! You too have slow connection? Then how do you feel while getting poor speed?

I may perhaps guess the answer.

You feel bored. You feel irritate. You feel headache. Sorry it was a joke.

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The answer is simple. Those who have poor connection could know the feeling of getting slow network. And the real headache comes when our lot of precious time is eaten up by slow internet.

Internet is useful. We know how it changed the world.  Users use it for different purposes like surfing and gathering information, doing online classes, e-commerce, digital marketing, streaming videos etc. The purposes may be different but the wants of fast internet is priority for everyone.

What is the purpose of writing this piece of post?

Well! I always read about the new tech related books and information. And I sometimes think to convey my ideas, opinion, and tips through my blog post so as to give some a useful reason to read my blog for my blog reader. And the purpose is here to make you aware that how some technologies could help you in getting fast internet.

Which technologies are you talking about? Please! Put your thoughts in brief for I do not have time to read a long post.

Sure! I always respect the time.

Let’s begin now our topic LTE(CA), CDNs and MIMO

Note: you will also see some extra tips in the middle of the post which may give you some extra ideas.

1. LTE (CA) or lte advanced(4g+)

Let's first start with lte (ca) which is called long term evolution (you many know it by 4g) and ca is carrier aggregation. Here, ca is the great technology I must say, because this technology really puts an impact and considers as a giant leap in wireless telecom.

The advent of this technology enables our device like phone, modem to access more than one frequency together at the time to improve data bit rate and enhance send and receive signal.

Let us dive into it and understand it in a clear way.

Different mobile network operators operate in different frequencies band. For eg.  Let say "Airtel", which operates LTE advanced in frequency band 3 (1800 FDD) and band 40 (2300) TDD have bandwidth of 1.4, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 MHz and 5, 10, 15, 20 respectively. Now if your device is ca compatible then it can use multiple frequencies together of the same band or different band like 3 and 40.


For e.g: Two 5 MHz bandwidths of band 3 together to get larger bandwidth that is 10 MHz (2 * 5 MHz) and this will result fast and improved network.

So what we have understood?
Here our operators whichever could be (jio, Airtel, etc) with CA technology could assign more than one frequency together at the same time to their users. And if we get more bandwidth then it means more speed and stable internet connection. The necessity of the technology is to provide increased data bit rate, quality improved network and tackle increased wants of data in users.

Note: be careful not to confuse bandwidth with data speed. These are two are different things which I would discuss later on my next post.

How to use
Again the answer is not too hard. You just have to use the device (mobile, modem etc) which supports ca technology. I think most of you perhaps are using it without knowing it because; now a day’s most new devices are coming in the market with lte carrier aggregation technology.

It is an lte advanced tec so, if you get icon 4g + sign on your signal status bar situated at the top of your screen then congratulation! You are using it.

However, see some extra tip to check whether your phone support the tec or not. Some of the tips are bellow

  • A.The best way to know is by checking you device’s manufacturer user manual and specification pdf sheet.
  • B. Find out what chipset your phone has. If found check it online.
  • C. Checking carrier aggregation through apps which are available online.

Some of the apps available for android are:-

•    Network Signal Guru
•    Net monster
•    Network Cell Info

For iOS:

•    Speet test Oakla
•    NetSpot
•    OpenSignal
•    Field Tested

2. CDN:  

You can call it content delivery network.  It does as it names. It is a network of large groups of servers which delivers content especially large contents like videos, images, software etc,

How it works

As we know that internet users are continuously increasing day by day,the load impact on origin servers is also increasing. Therefore, to overcome with the problems cdn helps a lot in getting fast delivery content. It replicates or caches the content on different servers and delivers to you from nearest servers when required or requested. It improves overall fast load of websites and user feel smooth internet experience.

Eg. Suppose you want content from any website and if that website are using cdn service then the content whether it may be videos or software etc will be delivered to you by nearest server. In this way cdn helps to reduces latency (time taken) in getting fast deliverance of content and gives you smooth network experience.

Netflix is one of the examples which use cdn network technology to provide rich streaming service experience to users.

How to use it?

Actually, you have to do nothing if you are just a user because it is an auto process. If you visit any website that uses cdn then you will be delivered the content automatically.

Additional tips

You could check whether the website is using cdn or not. Just visit any website and go to source page then press ctrl+ F. Now type cdn on search box and hit enter. Did u get?

Today there are many organizations, e-commerce sites, webapp like Netflix etc. are using cdn network. 

Some of the cdn providers now days are given bellow 

1. Amozoncloudfront,
2. Cloud flare,
3. Cache fly,
4. Google cloud platform,
5. Akamai, Fast fly
6. Key CDN
7. Rack Space
8. Imperva
9. Sucuri

Additional tips
You can also use cnd service if your website or blog's hosting server is slow or far. This could reduce the load of your server and improve your website open load-time. We will discuss in another post.

Now the third and the last but very important


Multiple input and multiple outputs is a technology associated with antennas and wireless communication. It is a technique in which good signal can be improved by using multiple antennas to transit multiple incoming and outgoing signals through multipath technique.

When the data packet is sent over wireless then there may be possible of some signal fading due to many factors. To tackle this, multiple specific antenna are used in order to decrease signal fading which increase data bit rate speed and the signal to noise ratio.

It has now become the common in wireless communication like hspa+,lte, lte advance, 5g etc. 

For Eg. If A transmit a signal with four antennas simultaneously to b and if b also uses four antennas then chance of signal fading is reduced.

Specific antennas are used in the technology to improve network like MIMO (2*2), (4*4), (8*8) etc.

Extra tip
If you use old phone then there may be absent of mimo configuration. So, using latest phone will help to sort out the problem because many manufactures are implementing this tech in their new smart phones.

Let us see some other ways to find out
You can go for Network Diagnostic Apps which are easily available on online app store. These pieces of apps will help you in getting information of phone connectivity and more to diagnose.

There are so many but I often use these apps are:

1. LTE Discovery
2. Network Signal Info

Extra tip: 

One more trick which I use often which is typing a secret code on dialer app. Just open dialer and put the secret code *#*#4636#*#* to discover phone information like signal strength, data network type and many more. If the code doesn't work for you then don't bother because the code may vary in different manufacturers.

Concluding point of view

Now you have understood that how these three technologies could boost your network performance. You can relate these with each other and if you implement all these technologies together with using right equipment (devices) then the network performance could be increased. Now, what are you waiting for? Just go and try this.

Hope you like it?



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