Top up Mobile through Corporation debit Card at ATM Cashpoint

Do you know that now Corporation bank has made easier for their cardholder customer to avail the mobile top up at their bank's ATM any time or anywhere? Yes, if you are a corporation bank's customer then it is for you. You can recharge your prepaid phone at your ATM cashpoint whenever you want. In addition, there is no extra registration procedure required. There are two simple ways, which are easy and helpful for everyone. Let us start one by one.

Recharge via card at ATM Machine

1. Insert your card
2. Insert your pin code
3. Now chose the option Mobile top up/others from the menu
4. Now put Mobile number that you want to top up
5. Put amount and then press submit.

At last, you must check your phone balance. However, you would get the confirmation msg also.

The next simple way is recharge via sms

This sms service enables you to recharge your prepaid number at anywhere and any time in India. The best part of the service is getting the recharge even if you are on the way or traveling. It means you do not have to go anywhere. It is indeed a great help in case of balance shortage.

To avail the service, you need to register your mobile at ATM cashpoint, which is one time registration. Other available option of registration is to fill and application form,  which you can submit at your home branch. After registeration, you will get the confirmation sms along with recharging access code and the format that will show how can you have the recharge.

To recharge you need to send sms to your mobile operator with the amount you want and your personal access code according to the format, which will be given to you.

How it works
As you send the msg to mobile operator, the sms goes to your bank for authorization and your bank debit your account with the amount that you opt for. As soon as the debiting of account done, you will get recharge from the operator with confirmation sms.

You can recharge any prepaid number and the limitation of recharge is Rs.10 to 10000.



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