What are the Main basic Factors of Bounce rates & How to Reduce

This is a simple question which you need to ask yourself and need to understand if you are a blogger that what a bounce rate is all about? Is it good or bad? And how to low/reduce it?

But before proceeding, let us understand first that what a bounce rate is all about? Bounce rate is a word used to analyze web traffic. With the bounce rate we can analyze or determine the performance of the visitors. It is the percentage of the visitors that leave your website after the first visit(interest of  the website viewer or visitors of your website)

Low bounce rate means the visitors show interest and hopefully visit your another page also besides the landing page. In another sentence, you are safe.

High bounce rate means the visitors leave your website after the first visit. For instance visitors come to your website but do not go to other pages except the landing page through which they came and leave the website.

Every bloggers wants that their users may come and read a lot of posts. But sometimes users just come and visit a single page and leave the website without continuing. And this something which makes you worry and sad.

So, should we worry about bounce rate? Let's also see what are the basic factors behind this.
Actually bounce rate acts on different factors and
The main 5 basic factors are-

1. Poor web design.
People really like an attracting and professional design. If the website design is not an attractive one and easy navigable then the visitors will have a bad experience and they could leave your website.

2. Website slow time load
It is another most important factor which leads you to high bounce rate. Today in this fast life every one wants fast navigable website. If your website pages take a lot of time to upload then again the visitors will have irritable and bad experience and they could leave rather that continuing.

3. Not having Enthusiastic & clear cut writing 
Do not beat around the bush. Provide clear cut, nice and useful information with an enthusiastic manner. But sometimes the users also could leave the site if they get what they are searching for and do not feel to go another page and this also considered a bounce rate.

4. Absence of interlinking post
Interlinking post can also reduce the bounce rate. Give your reader deep information by interlinking your different post of the website. For instance you have a post on how to connect phone to pc for internet and you get most of your traffic from this post then if you may write another post on internet or related internet like 'How to get fast internet and interlink those post. So, there will be a chance to visiting that page and this prevents your bounce rates. This is only and idea which somehow can low your bounce rate.

5. Less contents or posts
This is also a reason which you need to sort out by regular updating new posts or contents. If your website does not have enough contents or posts then it's very hard to make user sticky to your site and it also leads to high bounce rate.

You can reduce it if you want
Now when you get some basic ideas about some factors behind the bounce rate, you would definitely think that how to reduce it. Often new bloggers come in this blogging field to give a chance. But it is not as easy as you think. They forget that it takes a lot of patience, experiment on various aspects to slow down your bounce rate. And this comes when you really work hard to overcome.

So again. how to write a blog which readers want to read. In my perception the blog or website depends on us because nobody will come to help you or make a successful blog for you. It's only you who can change it. And the winners are those who really put efforts to make it a successful blog. It depends on you that what you write which people will love reading your contents and visit again and aging after their first visit. Whether you write a personal blog or tech blog or business blog or entertainment blog. Your post should put impacts on readers. We should not compete with others but find or discover other ways, if we want to stand out and this will happen when you give time to your blog.



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