Keeping Gmail more Safe & Secure with Http settings tips help

       I some time require to open my gmail account in a public place like cyber cafe, Wifi network or hotel etc., so as to check my important office mail or others but do not know 'how safe is to open' in those such places. This was one of my friend's queries and perhaps might be yours. We all know that how gmail is very
much useful, especially for those who want to stay connected with their office, friends, families or others. Let us discuss about some of the risks that can be happened and about its solution to keep your gmail better and safe.

Using 'HTTP' setting is the best option to keep
 We use gmail account for so many different activities like joining, subscribing, online shopping or purchasing and many more. Some of us even keep our personal data like bank account details, official files and many other data, which are more private. Therefore, it is very much necessary to keep our data safe and secure from unauthorized person. As we know, public network is a non-secure network and risk of theft and hacking is high. It is better to avoid those public places while sharing more private or personal data like bank account and personal identification. In case, if you need or urgent, always try HTTP setting. Using http setting is the best option that gmail provides as it is the matter of privacy. With this setting in a setting option, you can keep and share your mail content or data in a safe way while using a public network. Other than this, always log out after using it. Also keep your password secret and strong by mixing alphabets, numbers, dots etc are the other options to keep your account secure.

Additional tips
Besides http setting and logging out, gmail has also given a lot of another options, which we could keep with us, so as to use, or experience gmail service with confident and in a better way. Let us also know that-

Check your login activity.
This is the option, through which you can check your account activity by going in detail option given just below your gmail page. Here you can see the IP address through which the account has been accessed with the time, date and as well as location. You can easily guess if some one opens your account and any invalid activity.


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