How to Write for your Audience & drive traffic to Blog & Reduce bounce Rates

We all want to increase our blog or website traffic and we obviously do a lot of stuffs like tweaking, putting back links, posting new posts, face-book plug-in and many more for increasing traffic. But besides all these, there is one more way to get more audience or give them more chance to click on your another post to read by knowing your audience. This is an effective way which I experienced after a couple of months when I started to implement on my orihec blog .Suppose you have an exam and you get the questions paper or know the exact questions before your exam which are coming in your examination. Would you not bring the highest marks in the examination? This is something like the same.

If you are a blogger then you might have the idea that how difficult is to get organic traffic to your blog and if you are a new in this field or do not have inche blog then you have to work very hard for getting more audience. But, if you know your readers you will write a post which they like to visit and you can drive more traffic to your blog and you will have more readers.

Now if you really put your target and work accordingly then surely you will have less tendency of bouncing rates also. Suppose you have a post on "Connecting uninor to pc for internet via bluetooth" and getting a lot of organic traffic from major search engine like google, bing etc. Now if you analyze your readers then you will find that audience may interested in the topic related internet or uninor and if you write your further post regarding internet like "How to increase your internet speed while connection through bluetooth" which I have on my blog then you will have more chance of getting your post read by the audience who come to your blog through the above post because the above post is all about connecting internet so they may be interested in how to increase internet speed also. Isn't it simple way of writing?

So, keep analyzing and write another post to get more and more readers and reduce your bouncing rates.



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