Ideas for Choosing your Fast wireless Internet Usb modem/Data card/dongle

The advent of Internet has really changed the life of man. Just imagine the world without Internet. You can not send an email to your friends, families, relatives etc. You can not browse the net or chat with your friends. You cannot download your favourite movies, songs, games, software, files etc. These can only be possible with the help of internet. But before internet, thanks to the invention of phone and the phone lines
which gave the idea of starting internet initially and man felt well connected with far-off places. Now almost every big companies, hospitals, schools and colleges have set up internet connection to ease their work. Even those who have personal computer or laptop want internet connection for their needs and comforts. And now because of this, internet is being used by a large number of people. But, among all internet connections, wireless internet connection has become very popular because it can be used anywhere and anytime and more over it is now fast, easy to set-up, easy to use and cheaper than earlier. If, by your work's nature, you often travel from place to place and work on internet then you will need a wireless connection and to access internet internet you need an Usb modem or dongle.
There are several wireless internet usb modems present in the market with alluring advertisement but, you have to select the good one that can give a fast internet browsing or in other word the best and fast. We also can not say that the one which has been shown in the advertisement is good. As far as I am concerned, giving the precise answer for this is not possible because a lot of factors work behind connecting internet. So, how can we find the best one? Let's find .. . ....

Now we have already entered in third generation technology that is 3G networks. With 3G we can experience fast internet browsing, downloading, video chatting etc. Though 3G was never created mainly for accessing and sharing data purpose(internet), it can provide the data speed up to 350kbps to 3mbps(theoretically) which is faster that 2G and 2.5G(EDGE). Later on, many 3G featured mobiles and 3G wireless usb internet data cards came in the market and people started using it. But, by practically we get only half of the speed and sometimes not even the half of the speed and begin to think that where does the speed go which shows in the advertisement.

HSPA(High speed packet Access) is another further improved technology in 3G and combination of two protocols, HSDPA(High Speed Downlink Packet Access) and HSUPA (High Speed Up-link Packet Access). With HSPA you can experience fast data transfer rate at the speed up to 14Mbps in downloading and 5.7 Mbps in up-link(uploading). It is also 5 times faster than the previous speed of 3G and that is why sometimes it is also called 3.5G or 3G+. Many mobile operators in India like Airtel, Reliance, Vodafone, Idea, Bsnl, Aircel and Mtnl are also using this technology so as to give you fast speed of downloading, uploading and a great browsing experience.

Note:-These two were the small paragraphs through which I wanted to make you understand technically so you can get some additional help in choosing your Usb modem.

Choosing Data Card
Usb data card generally comes in two types. One is service locked which means your dongle is locked with one service provider for e.g. Tata Photon+, Micromax Aircel etc. and you can not use other service on that unless you unlock it. The second one is an universal data card called by several people and I also use it often. In this Usb modem you can insert any 2G or 3G SIM and even 4G SIm in some advanced wireless data card for accessing internet. I also recommend you to purchase the second one for you can change the SIM when network is not available and switch to another available network in your area.

Now it's time to choose the Usb data card which supports high speed. For fast internet you need a modem which supports the current technology network that is HSPA used by most of the operators in India now. However you can also get HSPA+ modem in the market that is faster than HSPA for e.g. Huavei E-stick E367 can access the speed up to 21.6 Mbps in down-link and 5.7 up-links under HSPA+ network coverage. Presently Tata Docomo is using this HSPA+ technology and providing its services in selected areas. So, before purchasing you must see its specifications like what is its bandwidth, does it support HSDPA, HSUPA(HSPA) etc capacity of downloading and uploading. Here I have given examples of two modems with some specifications to make you understand.

As you can see both are 3G modems which support HSPA network but no. 2 is better than no.1 because it has the capacity of 7.2mbps of downloading and 5.6mbps of uploading where as no.1 supports 3.6mbps in down-link and 384Kbps in  up-link. This is only an example. However, you will get many wireless modems which support higher speed than these. Some currently modems available in the market which even supports 2.1mbps of downloading. So, before you plan to buy any modem, just go through its specification thoroughly and get the best one which has the high capacity of downloading and uploading.

Note:-When you take a modem which supports high speed of HSPA network or higher then it does not mean that you will get the above mentioned speed all the time. The modem is only the medium and it depends on the network coverage and speed. Suppose you modem is capable of high speed but you do not get HSPA network in your area then you might not get a good speed and have painful experience. Your speed also depends on the plan you take and the number of persons using that service at the same time.

Final Tips
This is the final tips and very much important to avail the fast speed. As we know that networks is important for wireless internet, it is also responsible for the speed. You get the actual speed according to the network which you will receive in your area where you live or use. If you want your modem to provide you a good speed then you have to choose the right network wisely. Again let see how you can do? you can have some research or what you call experiments for getting a good speed. You can take the universal data card and check the network and its speed by inserting several network Sim until you get the right one. You can also get reviews from others who are in your area and using internet through wireless modem to find out several important things like, what is the speed of downloading and uploading, how is the network coverage, signal strength, their opinion, experience etc. Finally, select the right modem with the right network and you are done.


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