5 Apr 2012

Earn Money while improving your G.K, IQ and Playing games

Games form a necessary part of education and learn while playing is a great way to acquire knowledge. This www.viewbestads.com is an Indian website which comes with the same concept but not only learning while playing but also earn while learning and playing. I found this site while searching the keyword "Site through which I can improve my general knowledge". If you are also interested in this way of learning while playing
then you can join this interesting and informative website to improve your general knowledge by playing quizzes and in return earn some money. Here is the website link www.viewbestads.com
Apart from general knowledge there are many more to explore in the site which helps you in improving your IQ as well as your bank balance. Let's see what more you can get in this website in brief. Among many quizzes there is an "Hourly Quiz", related to different subject like cricket, movie, science etc. Every hour you will have a new question that you can play it every hour. Another game which is called memory game, can improve your English vocabulary. You will be given some alphabets from which you have to create different words in the given time.

Earn money
Now let's see how you can earn money with this. But before reading, please do not think that this is a money making program from which you can earn money in a fast way. However, you can earn such amount of money form which you can pay easily your mobile and internet bills. What I think money is not only the thing we should worry about all the time but it is knowledge, that gives us confidence, power and courage to make life worthy of living. If we spend only 15 minutes daily to learn something like G.K, English vocabulary etc, it is more than money.

To get started you need to join it by going through simple and free registration procedure by giving your name, address, age and email ID. As soon as you join, you will get Rs 200 as a joining bonus. After joining you can start earning by learning and playing. Every day this website comes with some new G.K, Quiz, games etc. When you give the right answer your account will be credited with some points and some extra bonus points when you give more right answers. All the points which you earn will be added to your account which you can further release it as amount or useful gifts, rewards or give a donation in charity at the time of payment release. Besides Rs 200, points and extra bonus points, you will get Rs 5/day as activity bonus. It means whether your answer is right or wrong, you will be credited Rs 5 for just login and attempt games or quizzes. It has also some news and advertisement sections in which you will be paid for just reading them. There are some sections like prediction, free sms etc where you will get a change to increase you earning. For further you can check the website here is the link www.viewbestads.com

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