26 Feb 2012

Aircel gprs Setting for G'Five G9000i mobile

This is a small tips in which I am going to give you step by step guides through which you can activate aircel gprs manually in G'Five G9000i mobile. Before reading this I must tell you that I have activated with the aircel network (SIM) of Bihar and Jharkhand. So, if you are from other states of India and succeed then you may give your opinion to let others know about it.

Step 1
Go to menu, service and there you will see the three options, 1.Aircel service, 2.WAP, 3.Data account. Select the third option that is Data account and press ok. After ok, you will again find two options, 1.GSM data and 2.GPRS. Select the second option "GPRS" and hit Ok button.

Now you can see 10 pri-installed gprs settings with an edit option. Click edit and there you will find different editing options. Let's see what to put in the edit options.
1. Account            -------aircelgprs
2. APN                 -------aircelwap
3. User name         -------blank (do not put any thing)
4. Password          -------bland (do not put any thing)
5. Auth. Type         -------Normal
6. Primary DNS    -------
7. Secondary DNS ------
After entering the following click done and save the settings.

Step 2
Go to menu, service, WAP and click ok. When you click on wap you will find several options. Just go in settings, Select SIM to select SIM1 or SIM2 (where you have put your aircel SIM) and press ok. Now go to edit account, SIM1 or SIM2 and then go to add new. In add new we will edit the account.

In edit account, you have to put the followings:
1. Account              --------Aircel Online
2. Homepage          --------http://www.google.com
3. Data account      --------aircelgprs (in data account you can see the select option. Just click select, GPRS and select the data account "aircelgprs" which we have created in Step 1 and click ok)
4. HTTP                --------yes
5. Proxy address    --------
6. Proxy Port         --------8080
7. User name         --------blank
8. Password          --------blank

Then save the settings and you are done. Now the final step is to check and for this please go in service, WAP and click on homepage. Dear readers if you have any problem in doing this then please feel free to ask you queries.

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