31 Jan 2012

Uninor best Local plan in Jharkhand and Bihar between i-gain-22 and i-gain-35

Have you ever reviewed or thought which Uninor plan is the best in between i-gain-22 and i-gain-35. Let me give some reviews on these two plans through which you can make and find out the best among
these two. Basically i-gain-22 and i-gain-35 are the Uninor's STVs local talk time plan for the user of Bihar and Jharkhand.

i-gain-22 Vs i-gain-35
Here you can see the i-gain-22 plan costs you Rs 22 in which all your local calls will be 30p/min for one month but no talk time. It means you will have to recharge your account with extra balance or you must have extra balance to use the service of it.
But for availing the service of the next plan, i-gain-35 you will have to pay only Rs.35 in which you will get 100min free for all local calls for 30 days(one month). Let me explain with example to make you understand in a clear way to find the best option to choose among these two. Let's say you take i-gain-22 and for using it service you must have extra balance as I said above so you recharge your account balance with extra Rs.30 because it does not give any talk time value. After recharging with Rs.30 you can use the talk time @ 30p/min(Now you have100min local calls if you calculate). but all together you have to invest 22+30=Rs.52. Now come to the next local plan that is i-gain-35. If you go for this plan, you will get 100min free for all local calls with validity of one month and the money you have to invest is only Rs.35. (No extra recharge)

So, here the review shows that both are the local plans with one month of validity in which i-gain-35 takes only Rs.35 for 100min for all local calls where as for i-gain-22 you will have to pay Rs.52 for the same. And also the money you can save with i-gain-35 is 52-35=17. So, which is the better plan between these i-gain-22 and i-gain-35? Off course, here the winner is i-gain-35. This was the one example but there are many for whom 100min of talk time is not enough, so let's lengthen the review by following the charts to get the final successful conclusion.

i-gain-22(Local Plan)

i-gain-35(Local Plan)

Finally, the i-gain-35 is far better option to choose only when you don't use more that 400min. And i-gain-22 will be the best option only when you use more than 500min of talk time in a month. I hope you have understood and selected the right plan for you after the reading the post.

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