25 May 2011

Tips & Ideas for Speeding or Increasing or boosting your Internet connection

    It can't be denied, if we say that internet has really changed and made our life easy. Today the number of internet users are continuously growing because they know that how it is worth and useful for them. Whether we talk about any information or college's project, tips or ideas, online marketing or online business, chatting
or mailing etc., our works are easily done through internet. If we discuss the about the whole work which can be done by using internet then it can't be possible to write on a page.

     As we know its usefulness, every internet user wants to increase internet speed so as to experience the net with ease and save the time. If you have an internet connection but you are fed-up with its slow connection then this article might help you. According to hardware and networking engineer, speed of internet depends on network. At the first time when you connect internet through any wireless network, you get the default speed by your network provider. However, you can check and manually change or increase the default speed by going in control panel, network connection, properties, general, configure. This setting enables you to increase your internet speed.

Besides settings, there is an another thing that should be kept in mind is, 'using or choosing' the right web browser. If you choose the right, fast, latest, and updated version of web browser, you can increase additional speed of  internet. There are many web browsers available on the net. Check and go for it.

Additional tips
If you are planning to buy any wireless connection or data card then I would not suggest you to take without knowing it in a better way. As I said earlier, speed of internet depends on network service, you should do some research for instance, what is the speed of the network in your area, which network provides you better speed in your area and many more. Choosing the right wireless connection also helps you to increase your internet connection.

Do not keep unnecessary icons on desktop.
Finally, the last tips but can also help you in increasing your net connection. Putting more icon on the desktop will create a problem in increasing your speed. So, remove unnecessary icons from your desktop.