13 May 2011

Pair your mobile to PC with uninor gprs using Bluetooth settings

Connecting uninor with PC or laptop is an easy task; needs only a Bluetooth device, a gprs mobile with Bluetooth and some settings in your computer or laptop and the stuff works. Just connect or pair between your mobile and PC by following the simple steps.

1. Pair between PC and mobile. (ignore this pairing steps if you know.)
Switch on Bluetooth of your mobile and pair it to the computer. Go in control panel of computer, Bluetooth device, com port and check the port no. Then in control panel, phone and modem options, select the location and give area code. Go to modem tab in phone and modem options for choosing the modem. Then go in properties, advanced tab, extra initialization commands box and put AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","uninor",<cr> in that box.(This is the most important command and without this you cannot access internet. So, put it as it is written.)

2. Step to create a new connection 
For creating a new connection you need to go in start, All Programs, Accessories, Communications, New connection wizard.(you can also create this new connection in control panel)
In New connection Wizard, click next, choose 'connect to the internet', click next, then choose 'set up my connection manually', click next to choose 'connect using a dial up modem', and click next.
Just put uninor in ISP name, click next, give phone number *99# then click next, leave the username and password blank, click next, and lastly finish it by clicking on finish button.

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