20 Apr 2011

Step to activate gprs/wap with aircel network in your china mobile

Accessing internet or web browsing on mobile is very common now a days. However many mobile companies are also launching mobiles with great features and functions in the market, through which we can access internet. Earlier only some few expansive gprs
handsets were available in the market for accessing internet but today, we can easily get many gprs handsets, and can be affordable in a low price also.

Accessing internet on china mobile(gprs mobile with aircel sim or network) is very easy. There are some ways for enjoy web browsing on mobile but before accessing internet, you must know something about your phone and phone settings. For internet, you may need to do some settings and once you know some settings like gprs setting, proxy setting, port setting etc. you will have it. With the settings, you can not only access internet on china mobile but also on other phones. Come have a look for some ideas and tips to do all the stuffs.

Gprs Settings:
 For internet access, you must activate you gprs setting. There are two ways, firstly consult your customer care and ask for gprs setting for it is the easiest way. If your phone or mobile gets activated directly through your customer care, you can access internet without any settings. Secondly you need to go for manual setting

Manual Settings for gprs with aircel sim:
In menu<-> Service<->Connectivity or Data account<->option(Here you can add or edit new account)
Put Account name-aircelgprs
Leave the user name and password blank
Connection or Auth.type-Normal and save the settings.

Go back to the internet service 
Then to settings<->select SIM(here you can select the sim you want in case dual sim) and active it.
Then to profile<->Add new
Put Profile name-Aircel Online
In Homepage you can type-http://www.google.com
Data account-aircelgprs
Connection type-select HTTP
Put Proxy yes
Proxy address-
Proxy port-8080 and save the settings
Check it and enjoy.

Note: Proxy ID and Proxy port may vary place to place